Check In

At this stage, we meet the tenant and walk them through the property. The inventory report has already been prepared and the tenant gets to check the coherency in the report and the actual condition of the property. We let them assess the property properly and answer any of their qualms regarding it’s condition. Potential damage prone or concern areas are also pointed out to them. The utility meter readings, electricity and other facilities are checked and made sure, are satisfactory.

Once the above steps have been completed and further comments sought out by the parties regarding any problem related to the property condition, a declaration sheet is drawn up detailing the overall condition and cleanliness of the property and this is then signed by both the parties, verifying that they are happy with the information contained within the document.

  • We walk new tenant(s) through the inventory report, and then have them sign everything off at the premises.
  • Added dispute protection for peace of mind.
  • At check-in, the inventory should detail the current state of the property, including descriptions, condition of the fixtures, fittings and furnishing.
  • We will book the appointments with the tenant(s) for check in process.