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Check-Out Services

The check-out takes place at the end of the tenancy period or its earlier termination.

A thorough assessment of the condition of the property is done and is matched with the final inventory report which was created at the start of the tenancy. A comprehensive check out report is prepared, which includes, in detail, along with comments, any difference in the check- out condition of the property and the condition mentioned in the inventory report. Any damaged or missing items are listed. The electricity and other utility meters are checked and all the keys etc. to be handed back are noted.

  • At the end of the tenancy, an Inventory Clerk will return to the property for the tenancy Check Out report.
  • Using the check-in report, we document and photograph any discrepancies.
  • The inventory check out report is signed on site and agreed by the tenant.
  • The Check Out Report highlights any changes or damages.
  • The check out takes place at the end of the tenancy.
  • At the Check-Out Inspection the original Inventory & Schedule of Condition will be checked in full.