Interim Schedule of Condition

Interim Schedule of Condition

A Schedule of Condition, is a record of the condition of a property at a certain point of time, usually prior to a purchase, renting by tenants or a change of ownership of the property. A Schedule of Condition Report, details exactly the existing state or condition of a building and any damage which has already occurred, as well as areas likely to give problems in the future.

It is advisable to carry out a Mid Term Inspection of a rented property, every 3 to 6 months.

Our experienced clerks accurately and carefully document the condition of the property for the Schedule of Condition Report.

The report also includes photographic recording of the premises and all defects & damages. It serves as a reliable evidence as to the pre-existence of any disrepair, maintenance issues or anything that may need attention immediately or soon.

  • Our Schedule Will protect you.
  • A schedule of condition report, is a vital tool to keep your property in good condition.
  • A Mid Tem Inspection helps assess and highlight any problems with the property.
  • Find out how the tenants are treating the property.
  • Assess how the property is being occupied.