Risuzah Property Services uses a sophisticated virtual staging service that places furniture, furnishings and accessories directly onto photographs of vacant rooms, as well as virtually rearranging untidy or cluttered rooms.

Virtual Staging only works well, when it looks real.

Our professionals work meticulously, to make this experience as authentic as possible for the client.

When a prospective Tenant / Buyer views the images of your property through this service, you want them to get the sense that they are seeing something true, and not just a digital possibility.

At Risuzah Property Services, we pride ourselves on the quality of our virtual staging services. With the help of Risuzah Property Services, you can expect to sell or rent homes faster and for more. You can expect to sell / rent out vacant properties faster and easier.

The process is simple and straightforward – you send us pictures of your property / rooms, and we make it possible for prospective tenants or prospective buyers to see a fully furnished version of the property without the costs, and inconveniences, of traditional home staging.

What is virtual staging?

A: Digitally furnishing your photos. As you know – most prospective tenants / buyers have problems visualising how an empty home looks. We receive photos of vacant, untidy or cluttered houses and VIRTUALLY add furniture, furnishings, accessories directly onto the photos, as well as virtually rearranging untidy and cluttered rooms using the LATEST TECHNOLOGY.

Our Virtual Staging service gives you the best value for money, providing great photos and increased buyer / prospective tenant response without the need to arrange for costly furniture moving or actual home staging.

Photos are the most important part of the sale / rental process as 90% of buyers / renters start their search on the internet and base their viewing schedule on what they see.

You’ve got around 5 seconds to grab a prospective buyer’s / tenant’s attention as they browse listings online.

Which of these properties would you rather call the agent to view?


That’s right!! It’s the same property… the only difference is, the furniture, furnishings and accessories have been added directly onto the photo, using a sophisticated virtual processing system.

It’s a great way for prospective buyers / tenants to visualise furniture placement in the house / apartment.

No need to arrange for expensive furniture staging!

Why virtually stage?

Virtual staging; gets you a faster sale / quick let, more chance of selling / renting your property in a shorter time period,
and of course a happier vendor / landlord.

Great photo presentation = More prospective buyer / tenant enquiries.
Great price and fast sale = Happy vendor / landlord.
Happy vendor / landlord = Great testimonial and increased reputation.

Home staging could cost you thousands!

And that’s for a month or two!

Save all the time and money by using our service. Virtual staging is the most
cost-effective and fastest way of attracting the maximum number of potential buyers / tenants.

More Buyer / Tenant enquiries. Faster Sales / Rentals. Sell / Rent your home.

Get results.

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What our customers are telling us

Wow! The phone was ringing off the hook. I’ve got some very happy vendors – and some very happy buyers! I’d recommend this service to anyone who’s looking to make an impact and get the property SOLD and commission paid FASTER.
-Satisfied Estate Agent, Robert Phillips
Furniture staging costs £2,000 a month so we could take some decent photographs. Your service, is by far, the best cost-effective solution, and without the hassle and stress of moving furniture around. Gets my vote.
-Daniel & Jane, St John's Wood

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